Project management, made manageable...
Marketing, made an adventure.

Our Services

Global DMB has conceived its offer and services in such a way where the clients can recognize it as a one-stop-shop Marketing Solution.

Marketing Department

Our Marketing Department is the heart of our business within which we provide the following services:

Market Research & Strategy Formulation


SM Management


Client Outreach

Content Production

Advertising & Media Buying


Digital Department

Everything that comes from our digital department is custom made, designed and developed and our team consistently delivers smart, innovative and attractive websites and digital solutions that will help you stand out.
Our digital services include:

Website Development

UI and UX design

WP Development

Custom Development


Project Management


24/7 Support

About Us

Global DMB is a recently established international Digital Marketing Agency headquartered in Belgrade, Serbia. However, Global DMB is more than just a marketing agency.

We are both analytical and creative

We communicate, formulate, design, develop, publish and promote… to influence, inspire and engage your desired audience and help grow your business each day.

We are your new strategic partner

Through leveraging our expertise, you are becoming an expert in everything digital, brand and marketing.